Saturday, March 10, 2007

U2: Running to Stand Still

U2: Running to Stand Still

Running to Stand Still is perhaps my favourite song from perhaps my favourite album: The Joshua Tree by U2. Hearing it live in Croke Park in Dublin was a spine-tingling experience.

The Joshua Tree is twenty years old this march. It's hard to believe, and harder to believe that the music sounds just as fresh as it did in 1987. Stylus magazine looks back at the success of the album and puts it down to the core of the album; the rock steady centrepiece, Running To Stand Still. With it's slow build, mesmerising lyrics and incredible cresendo it, like the Dude says about his rug, "Really holds the room together"

Take a moment to read the article and dust down that copy of The Joshua Tree, don the headphones and enjoy.

The Joshua Tree, twenty years old this March, is one of the most ambitious albums ever released by one of the most frankly ambitious bands ever to grace the cover of Time magazine; an album stuffed to rafters with anthems that nakedly aimed to change the world, to run, hide, and tear down the walls that hold us all inside. It is a fantastically good album, a success even judged by its own excessively bright lights.

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