Friday, January 22, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Josh Rouse album - El Turista

I was dissappointed not to see any Josh Rouse records in the best of decade lists as I would rate "Under Cold Blue Stars" and/or "1972" as worthy inclusions in any top 25 albums of the decade.

Anyway, his next album, ‘El Turista’ (Bedroom Classics) will be released on Josh’s own label Bedroom Classics via a new distribution deal with ADA Global.

His PR says it is unexpected and utterly sublime, and El Turista’s sultry song cycle will shuffle seamlessly in tandem with Getz/Gilberto and Graceland, albums as boldly surprising in their eras as El Turista is in this one. The record marks a new direction for the critically acclaimed cult artist, while offering the musical sophistication and emotional depth Rouse’s devoted constituents have come to expect from him thanks to a consistently enthralling body of work highlighted by the modern-day landmarks1972 (2003) and Nashville (2005), both of which are generously sampled on the marvelous 2008 Rhino retrospective The Best of the Rykodisc years.

The new CD bears the distinct influence of Spain, as did the dissappointing Subtitulo, so here's hoping this one is better.

Thursday, January 07, 2010