Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bushmills Irish Whiskey: Celebrates Classic NY Friendships

I grew up a few miles from Bushmills, home of the oldest Whiskey in the world, and probably the best. Busmills Whiskey, with more than 400 years of distilling tradition behind it, is capturing the close friendship and camaraderie between individuals and their social circles in New York with its latest initiative, "Since Way Back".

A series of short films document and highlight the lives and brotherly relationships of artists and influencers including Chromeo; Kai Regan; DustLaRock, A-Trak, and Nick Catchdubs from Fool's Gold; Jonathan Galkin and Justin Miller of DFA; and Chris Isenberg of No Mas. These video shorts will be available online at http://www.facebook.com/BushmillsUSA.

The new campaign captures the closeness between these individuals--these are groups of New York friends whose shared experiences and influences are now shaping pop culture, including the music they write, the art they create, and the businesses they begin. This mirrors the focus of Bushmills, and its dedication to shape its community.

The Bushmills initiative, "Since Way Back," will kick off with a private event in New York City, featuring The Rub. Bushmills reminds you to drink responsibly. When out with friends, make sure to drink in moderation and get home safe: designate a driver or take a taxi.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Get a free Ricky Gervais audiobook today!

Download a free copy of The Ricky Gervais Guide to The English to mark St George's Day. Gervais says: 'It's great to be back at the Guardian where it all started, on St. George's Day - the day that we all ignore in case someone thinks we're racist'

Download MP3

Friday, April 02, 2010

Mflow - Music is better shared

I could talk about music for hours. Getting together with trusted music advisors and asking them what are you listening to can be an illuminating insight that will leave me armed with names of albums and artists to discover, treasure and enjoy. In the past that meant scribbling a name on a napkin, shuffling to a record shop and buying perhaps one or two cds. Not any more.

This is the 21st century and this is web 2.0.

Now you can head over to Mflow, the music equivalent of twitter and discover all the music you like.

Still in beta Mflow opens up to the world on 15 April. Basically it works like this. Download the free software and you're presented with a generic iTunes like page. Here's the twist - follow other mflow users and they can follow you. If someone reccomends a track it will turn up in your inbox. There you can listen to it in full. Follow more people and the more you can listen to for free. Of course you can buy a track, and if someone buys a track you flowed to them, then you get credited with 20% of the cost of a new purchase.

Tim Lovejoy, NME and other tastemakers are already flowing, but I'm looking for a Paste Magazine style flower to point me in the right direction.

If you want in early try using these invite codes:

ZANE444 or CLASH0403

The Cave by Mumford and Sons is currently the most flowed track. My username is andrewwilliamson, follow me!