Friday, March 16, 2007

miscellaneous film related thoughts

I've been reading some film reviews lately and rather as a way of reminding myself there are some movies that caught my eye.

Paolo Sorrentino, the Italian director of the wonderful Conseguenze dell'amore (The Consequences of Love)has just completed a new film. The Family Friend (L'Amico di Famiglia) seems to follow a similar slightly sinister theme of a middle aged man who makes money from loaning money to the parents of engaged couples to pay for weddings. This ageing loan shark, who lives with his mother, is undone by greed and his fatal attraction to a beautiful young woman. The Consequences Of Love was a visually rich, gripping film dealing with complex relationships is a subtle understated way. From what the critics say, The Family Friend is just as good.

I'm a big fan of indie cinema. Last year I really enjoyed The Squid and the Whale, Me You And Everyone we Know and so am interested by the release of Funny Ha Ha. The Guardian gave it 4 stars calling it smart, subtle and excruciatingly honest. It follows a Boston twentysomething out of college determined to boost herself out of slackers' limbo with apparently the most perfect ending since Before Sunset. Anybody seen that movie?

Watch the trailer to Funny Ha Ha.

But before that I want to get around to watching Babel.

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