Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Frames - The Coast (again)

A little while ago we reported that Stylus magazine gave the Coast a 'D' grade prompting outrage from fellow bloggers. Well now Pitchfork have reviewed the album and kind of agreed with Stylus giving it 5.2/10 (the .2 is really worth it isn't it?).

They surmise that The Frames are trying to put their huge live sound onto an album, the way U2 and Coldplay do, but failing, and ending up sounding formulaic,

"If that whole process seems underwhelmingly by-the-numbers, you'd be right...there's very little to The Cost that attempts to surprise. And while there's nothing wrong with a predictable approach when deployed with expertise, it's disappointing from a band like the Frames, whose brash energy is best depicted by the raw, immediate Set List...

too often, Colm Mac Con Iomaire's violin is the only element preventing the Frames from sinking to the status of just another post-Radiohead purveyor of mass-audience melancholic anthem ballads."

Still Pitchfork gave Burn The Maps 4.2/10

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