Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CD review: PG Six - Slightly sorry



Release: 12 February

PR: Goldstar PR

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Eclectic isn't the word for it. Pat Gubler, aka P.G. Six, spans several genres. It opens with noise moving into an instrumental track. At times there's 60s British folk, at times experimental Godspeed-type stuff, and sometimes straight up country rock. Chances are that not every track will appeal. He really reveals his talent in singer-songwriter mode with his beautiful hushed backed by one of the number of female NYC luminaries on a country number. 'Bless These Blues' could be Gram Parsons. Overall it lacks focus and a coherent theme, feeling less of an album than a collection of songs. At times his vocals can sound monotonous yet he represents a genuine talent with sporadic great moments.

Download: Bless These Blues, Strange Messages

For fans of: Crazy Horse, Shearwater,

Rating: 3/5

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David said...

PG Six are a class band - can't wait to hear the new stuff!