Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why I can't stand the White Stripes

I said yesterday when talking about the Raconteurs that I didn't like the White Stripes. This upset G-man. He demanded that I explain myself, well so be it.

For starters there is the hype. I know that hype alone isn't enough to dislike a band, but for me when I hear a lot of it I have a kneejerk reaction to treat them with suspicion. So I did. I, like a lot of people, first heard them when they released white blood cells, and thought, 'well this is ok but it could do with a bass'.

Then they have the whole press game they play. 'Oh we're sisters' and 'No we're actually divorced lovers' and their red and white clothes. They're very well marketed, and that is to say nothing of the Coke promotions.

But really what gets me is his voice. I hate it. Like I hate Bjork and Joanna Newsom. Some voices you really get, and theirs I don't. I'm not saying I think it's bad to like the White Stripes, some of my best friends like the White Stripes, but they're not for me. Having said all that Seven Nation Army is one of the best riffs of the last few years.


Steve said...

Amen! So few people agree with me on this! The Stripes just aren't good!

David Williamson said...


How many times have we been over this?

The only way for me to respond to such comments about darling Joanna is for me to knock your noggin with a dustbin lid, you ping-ponger of perfidy!

Your brother