Friday, April 28, 2006

May Day! May Day!

The sun is streaming through the window and onto my back. It's Friday afternoon and Monday is a bank holiday. Great.

I'm very much looking forward to an extra day off and the resulting 4-day week. In a hop-pop and dance to another topic, I was internet surfing last night and came accross the most extra-ordinary video. Bloggers are characteristically "early-adopters" but in this case I'm running to get on the train as it pulls out of the station. This guy has been making internet waves for years, and they have finally rippled their way across to Ireland. His name is David Elsewhere and he dances like you never thought possible. You've probably seen him, or his body at least in the singing in the rain VW Golf advert.

He seems able to dislocate every bone in his body, form a blob of liquid and then move as a robot. I watched it and involuntarily shouted "no way, that's not possible".

If, like me popular culture is passing you by, take a moment and watch this video. It's on You Tube and Google video if you click here. Quite incredible, you can get more information here. The video of Ronaldinho training is amazing too if you can find it.

Have a great (long) weekend.

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