Tuesday, April 18, 2006

CD review: Kelly Stoltz

Artist: Kelly Stoltz

Album: The Sun Came Through EP

Label: Sub-Pop

Rating: 7

The Sun Came Through EP is Kelley Stoltz's Sup-Pop debut. The title song is from his forthcoming full length album and the EP features four more new compositions. Stoltz has put out a couple of records in the past, including his own recording of Echo and the Bunnymen's Crocodiles entitled Crock-O-Dials. He writes simple, pithy pop songs, often with a Beatles-esque, psychedelic element of shimmering guitars and trailing reverbs.

The song from the forthcoming record is the best, but the rest aren't bad. "Away With the Swans" is about a drummer who gives up on a band in favor of an aimless, pleasure-seeking existence in Amsterdam. "And," as Stoltz stoically observes at the end of every chorus, "who could blame him?"

Stoltz may not hook you the first time, and The Sun Comes Through is not immediately accessible, but give it a few spins and you should get it.

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