Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Raconteurs

I'm a big fan of Brendan Benson. Lalpaco and Alternative to Love are in my mind classic pop albums. On the other hand, I can't stand The White Stripes. So it is with considerable interest that I await the debut album by The Racounteurs, featuring both Brendan and Jack on vocals and joint song-writing.

Apparently it's a lot more buttoned up than any White Stripes release but with a much greater rock influence than any previous Brendan Benson record. The boys in the Alternative Ulster office are all rocking out to it anyway. Before the May 16 release, check out an MP3 here.


G-Man said...

first off, thanks for mp3...I've now heard have the album...I'd say so far 4.5 for 5...I personally need some more vocals by White...with all due respect to Benson and your personal taste, White is league's ahead of Benson...can you explain how you can't stand the White Stripes...have you heard all their albums? Such a range of different sounding songs and pretty classic song writing...Alternative to Love was pretty saucey...nothing personal here though, just need lil explanation...have a good one

G-Man said...

nice spell check by me...at least Benson can spell...oops

Zeon said...

Hey, just wanna let you know that you can pre-order The Raconteurs' new album at Insound.com with $2 off the price. Isn't that cool? You can check out the link below:


Hope my comment's informative to you.