Wednesday, April 12, 2006

CD review: Vanishing Breed

Artist: Vanishing Breed
Album: Between Arrival and Departure
Label: Pingipung

Rating = 6


Alexander Holmes, aka Vanishing Breed treads the same quirky, happy/sad, chaotic style as Badly Drawn Boy and Mull Historical Society. His merry songs trip over their feet to a dancehall beat before ending up sullen in the corner when the party is over. His folklore tinged tunes tell of the loneliness of sailors and long-distance relationships, the sound of waves lapping at the shore, bustling airports and busy train stations.

Between Arrival and Departure was voted Album of the Year in a German newspaper. While it has wonderful moments the in-between is fraught with inconsistency. The mood changes often feel awkward, spoiling the atmosphere created by some fine songs. In an effort to be a concept album, Holmes has left a lot of filler material which tires on repeated listens. It is a brave effort, but Holmes may have bitten off more than he can chew.

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Anonymous said...

there's a fine mp3 on the labels' site, just at low bitrate but still a great version of fire,fire,fire !