Friday, April 21, 2006

Live Review - Jenny Lewis and the Watson twins

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
20 April 2006
Mandela Hall, Belfast

Johnathan Rice, fresh from his cameo appearance in Walk The Line, provided witty, intoxicated support to what would prove to be an intimate seated gig with the Jenny Lewis and the 'lovely' Watson Twins. His Scottish/Californian accent and bird-flu jokes amused the audience but in comparison was little more than a diversion before the main act. Drawing exclusively from her debut solo album, 'Rabbit Fur Coat' and omitting her critically acclaimed Rilo Kiley material, Jenny beguiled and charmed her way into the hearts of all in front of her.

Opening with the acapella "Run Devil Run" and moving, as the album does, straight into "Big Guns" she was polished, tight and very professional. The Watson twins, in identical black dresses, swayed, sang and made every song sound beautiful. Even the Sex Pistols would sound good backed by the Watson Twins.

Jenny earned her name with Rilo Kiley, proved another string in her bow with the Postal Service and at 30 has taken a further twist to become a country-soul chanteuse. Before long Lewis was being berated by offers of marriage between songs. She had us taking out our change, singing, clapping and eating out of her hand by the time she left the stage to a chorus of wolf-whistles. And she deserved it. Even mediocre album cuts when reproduced live flourished with the great rhythm backing of Rilo Kiley's Jason Boesel on drums and Michael Runion on bass.

The fervour with which Jenny was revered seemed to take her aback, as during a doo-wop cover of the Shirelles' defiant old girl-group song, "I Met Him on a Sunday," the crowd shouted obscenities at anyone who think of not showing for a date with her on a Friday. Hopefully it won't be long before Belfast can have another date with Jenny Lewis and the Watson twins.

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Anonymous said...

Argh! That makes it even worse that I missed my opportunity to catch the fair lass. Quite out of character I left my essays until the last minute and have to work all the hours god sends. Quelle dommage, n'est pas.