Friday, March 24, 2006

New Mountain Goats EP

After a brief foray into the highly charged world of religion, theology and literal truth, I return with some music news which should be of interest.

The wonderful mountain Goats, fronted by "the best lyricist in America", John Darnielle, have announced a tiny tour. And a pretty insignificant one unless you live in Australia or New Zealand, which I don't. Still, of more interest is that they have released a small record to match the small tour. The EP, to use its proper term, is called the Babylon Springs EP, contains five tracks recorded by Tony Doogan (Mogwai) at the Castle of Doom studio in Glasgow.

While Babylon Spring isn't available outside Oz just yet, don't despair. Say the Goats via their website, "Beggars Banquet are working to make this EP available to stores who buy direct from them in the U.S., so don't anybody go buying expensive imports or taxing the Soulseek engine about it. If people trying to find leaked copies of Chinese Democracy get frustrated in their efforts, we'll all suffer."

A new full length album is promised to be on the way soon.

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