Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More Daniel Johnston

I posted the other day about a feature length Daniel Johnston documentary that is about to recieve a theatrical release in the US. It seems we'll be hearing a lot more about this 44 year-old who has spent most of his life struggling with bipolar disorder. The renowned singer/songwriter and Magic Marker artist is to release a greatest hits album, a gallery exhibit and a spot in a museum show.

"The main thing you get from the documentary, if you're anything like me, is just plain depressed. It's tough to watch a person be ill, especially when you met him a week ago and saw him happy. It's just as tough to see how that's affected everyone around him: As much as the art has thrilled many, the real Daniel has required a lot of sacrifice and put people thought a lot of difficult times."

Read the Pitchfork article here

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