Friday, March 10, 2006

Mogwai - Mr. Beast

Dave pre-ordered the new Mogwai record and it came, along with my Primer DVD, the other day. Every new Mogwai release is a very exciting thing. Stylus magazine gives it a C+ here. Stylus says that

"Mr. Beast suffers from this increase in skill more obviously than any previous album. The band has never sounded more composed, accomplished, or in control of their art, but they have also rarely sounded more sterile."

Meanwhile Pitchfork reviews it at 6.8/10 saying

"Mr. Beast's shortcomings lie not with what's present, but with what's missing. Mogwai are capable of tremendous beauty, poignant gloom, and ear-splitting sonic pyrotechnics, but only transcend when they combine each of these elements. Here, they rarely give themselves enough building room to conjoin these moods and styles. Resultantly, despite its peaks, the album is no match for Mogwai's best work."

Last time we spoke Dave hadn't formed an opinion on the album. As our resident Mogwai guru perhaps he could leave a comment with his rating?

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David said...

Mogwai are one of my favourite bands - up there with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Ros et al.

'Mr. Beast' is, in my opinion, a wonderful record. From the openeing piano 'tinkles' of 'Auto-Rock' to the crushing finale of 'We're No Here' Mogwai have crafted a beautiful and affecting album.

While not better than 'Happy Songs For Happy People' (widely regarded as their best work), 'Mr. Beast' is not inferior.

Stand-out tracks: 'Travel is Dangerous', 'Friend of the Night', 'Folk Death 95'.