Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life of Ryan: Free Rock'n'Roll

Spotted this in the Guardian

"Country rock hellraiser/lunatic genius Ryan Adams has always put out albums at an incredible rate - three in 2005, one of them a double- while having an equal number rejected by his record company. Material has surfaced on bootleg albums but now our man has discovered technology and gone on a blitz of unheralded creativity. At you can listen to 13 - yes 13- albums of all new material under a variety of guises, like the hilarious rapper DJ Reggie and an angry punk rocker in a band called the Shits, as well as full length live sets. Simultaneously , Adams appears to be mocking the whole idea, perhaps having seen Prince's hilariously complicated member site ( where after navigating yourself through a maze of pages, you can hear exclusive tracks - all of which are rubbish. Adams is an extremist, but it makes you realise how miserly most bands are about streaming their music online.

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