Wednesday, February 07, 2007

CD review - Indigo Moss

Release: 19 February

Reviewer: Andrew Williamson

File this under rockabilly/folk/progressive. A nice story - think of the kitchen of a shared house. Our main characters Tervor and Hannah-Lou Moss battle their nerves and tentatively play each other new material of unrequited love. Niether realise the other is their muse. They agree to a couple of gigs and soon rope in an entourage of like minded folk players. The result is their debut: Indigo Moss. Despite their clear London accents, the music is pure bluegrass americana folk. It's charming and simple but after a few tracks I found it grating on me. Each song sounds similar to the previous, the harmonica shrieks and the vocal melodies all consist of the same few notes, sung in a nasal, throaty manner. Not the best.

Download: Swimming, Start Over Again

For fans of: Piney Gir, Velvet Underground, It's Joe and Danny

Rating: 2/5

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