Wednesday, December 20, 2006

my December music

A while back I posted that I had 40 free downloads to throw around. I've just used up my last, that was on a track by The Decemberists (seemed the right time of year), but in the course of my downloads I've come accross a great band. Right now, I can't get enough.

Horse Feathers - Words are dead

It's a very apt title. While on first listen, and probably even second the comparisons with Iron & Wine will abound, a true reference is probably Murmur era R.E.M.

The words are not so important, as the feeling they create. A casual listener won't discern where one ends and the next begins, but eventually tales of Southern Pews and the dustbowl emerge. Like Iron & Wine, the arragements are simple guitar and banjo but with a greater emphasis on strings. Melodically Justin Ringle is spot on. He creates hooks, rhymes and beautiful music. In short, if you like Nick Drake or Iron & Wine then you're pretty much guaranteed to love Horse Feathers. I sure do.

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