Thursday, December 14, 2006

Asterix v Tintin

The Guardian blog has a wonderful piece on Tintin, and the role of comics in growing up. I remember devouring all the Asterix and Tintin comics that I could get my hands on. David, my brother decided that I was going through them at too fast a pace and that I should learn to ration myself. He allowed me to read one a month. He then kept several back that I could only read on special occasions. I still haven't read Asterix and the Normans. I meant to read it after I graduated from university, but I forgot, then I was going to read it with my first paycheck, but I still haven't done that, so perhaps I will read it when I get married. Apparently it's a really good one.

Last Christmas I picked up the new asterix book, they're still coming out, but not to the same standard as when udzero and Goscinny were both writing. Anyway, if you enjoyed the books, read the article at the Guardian.

Read the article here

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