Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Editors


November 14, 2006

FADER Label is pleased to announce the recent release of Editors Remix EP, available now on iTunes for purchase ($3.96). Various producers were commissioned to come together and remix songs off the Editors' FADER Label debut album, The Back Room. Such notable producers featured on the EP include Sebastian, Ghislain Porier, Prince Language and P Nice.

Bonus tracks not included on the EP will be premiered on various websites starting next week. Keep your eyes peeled for the Shy Child, Pase Rock, Rubber Bullets, Trackademicks, Phones and Dr. Rocktheknobs remixes.

To purchase the Editors Remix EP simply click here:

To celebrate the release of the EP, FADER Label has teamed up w/ AcidPlanet to give fans a chance to create their own "Bullets" remix by downloading the components for the song on AcidPlanet.com. Winners will receive a ton of Editors schwag as well as have their remix featured on Editors' official website.

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