Saturday, November 25, 2006

CD Review: Bright Light Fever - The Evening Owl

Bright Light Fever - The Evening Owl
(Stolen Transmission Records)

This review, like British trains is long over-due, but here at last. Bright Light Fever are four young Californians signed to the new Stolen Transmission label. They specialize in staccato, punky guitars, rhythmic rock with a few piano ballads for the obligatory 'slow songs'.

They were on the verge of breaking up before the call came. Even Ferro (guitars/vocals) had just about jumped off the sinking ship but scrambled back in to make the record. The idea is to create a slightly creepy, Hitchcock, Twilight Zone feeling, represented by the owl on the cover. The guitars ring out slightly discordant sound, but don't start thinking Radiohead territory. The opener 'Broken Hands' is very catchy but not enough to make you hit the 'repeat' button.

Their writing shows some ingenuity, and careful aforethought, but the genre is tired. They may be good enough to be plucked from the hundreds of CDRs record label execs get weekly, but against everything else competing for your attention, Bright Light Fever don't really have enough to offer.

Rating: 3/5

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