Thursday, November 23, 2006


i hadn't listened to much crowded house before. big in australia.



Infected PR

Reviewer: Andrew Williamson

From his days in 70's/80's art-pop group Slip Enz to his time in Crowded House, Tim Finn has learnt a thing or two about good pop melodies. His latest solo LP, "Imaginary Kingdom" is crammed full with Lennon/McCartney hooks and rhymes.

The album opens with the bouncy first single, "Couldn't Be Done", clocking in at 2.58 it is built around the slow verse/catchy chorus recipe. The remaining piano driven, sing-along songs rarely stray above 3 minutes and are all enjoyable, if forgettable.

Tim Finn describes The Imaginary Kingdom as the place he goes to when creating and writing songs and less of a mystical wonderland. "Imaginary Kingdom" is a lot of fun; 'Salt To The Sea' and 'Winter Light' (which appears in the Chronicles of Narnia) provide some truly great musical moments, but elsewhere there is nothing to recommend that hasn’t been done before, probably by the Fab Four. If you wish The Beatles were still together, or are a big fan of Crowded House then this will be right up your street, unadventurous, but safe and enjoyable.

Rating: 3/5

For Fans of: The Beatles, Crowded House, Finn Brothers

Download: Couldn’t be Done, Salt to the Sea

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