Friday, November 10, 2006

Ben Kweller - Ben Kweller


I got my copy of Ben Kweller's self titled new album about 2 weeks ago. Since then it has managed to worm its way to the top of my iTunes top 25 most played tracks. It is so infectious, like an addiction you think you're in control, but then you just need to listen to the song 'one more time'. There are so many great, catchy singles on this album to listen to again and again.

It starts with Run, a fun opening with jangly piano, a bouncy beat and a simple chorus. Things really get going with 'Nothing Happening', a great bass line and slide guitar. It starts slow and builds gradually. The strength of Kweller's songwriting is his ear for a great melody. Hooks sell records and Kweller is in the same league as Matthew Sweet and Brendan Benson, but probably better than either.

The two best tracks, Sundress ( watch the video here) and Penny on the Train Track occur a little later in the album. Sundress has the best chorus I've heard all year, and Penny has such a rocking beat I was almost bouncing up and down the first time I heard it on a crowded train.

In short, it's a great album. If you like enjoyable, fun, accessible pop (and honestly, how doesn't?) then do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. I can't get enough of it.

Download: Sundress, Penny on a Traintrack, Nothing Happening

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David Williamson said...

Ah, but is it as good as the new Jo Newsom? I bought it today, and I'm sure that excites you.