Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Very wet

Yesterday I was walking home from the city centre and there was a strong wind. I buttoned my coat, turned up my collar and tightened my scarf. A few paces later and I felt a drop of rain. 'It's nothing' I thought and quickened my pace. No sooner had I passed the buses at City Hall then the heavens opened. I was soaked. Not some slightly wet kind of affair, absolutely drenched. When I finally arrived home, I hung up my coat and it continued to drip water on the floor for the rest of the evening.

This morning on my walk to work it started to snow. Great. But I learn from my mistakes, today I had an umbrella. This is the first time it has snowed in Belfast while I'm walking to the bus. Apparently we're set for more.


On my stereo at the moment is the new Josh Rouse album, Subtitulo. It's full of the sounds of sunny Spanish villages and summertime, unlike Belfast. Josh Rouse is featured in Filter Magazine's latest Podcast, with a couple songs from the new album and a short interview with Josh. Download it here for free.

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