Friday, February 10, 2006

The Tim Grainger Experience

Firstly, I should declare an interest. When I was rocking around Ireland, playing the bass in lemon twelve , Tim Grainger led with stirring vocals. Since his move to London in search of fame and glory, Lemon Twelve has disintegrated to allow the constituent members to persue their own projects. Dave plays in The Burning Cities, Niall plays in The Smiles , I have a two projects, Independent Wee Men (with Paul from The Smiles) and Evensong. Now Tim is making his mark too. He is about to release his self titled EP.

album: (Self titled)
artist: Tim Grainger
release date: March 2006
label: independent

This debut solo offering from Tim Grainger features three covers, marking the beginning of a career to be followed by original material. Different in style from his emo-rock days as lead singer of Lemontwelve it marks the mellower style of a man in his twenties, discovering himself, his passions, faults and needs. Production from a London studio is kept simple, unpretentious but not amateur. The emotion is heartfelt, the music is sincere.

As a first offering, it provides ground on which to be build upon. His Ryan Adams tinged acoustic worship offerings will benefit as he finds his feet and stamps more originality on the tunes. Let's file it under work in progress; Tim has an impressive voice which always manages to sound sincere. He chooses three well-known covers; In the Secret, This is my desire and I Will Never Be the Same. His forthcoming original material should showcase the creativity and knack for a meoldy that he is capable of.

Tim already has some Spring dates lined up around London. Check out his website for further details.

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David Williamson said...

How jolly exciting!

There is a touch of the Tony Blair about this (in the best possible sense!) - rocking barrister with dark locks.

By the way, has site meter disappeared?