Monday, February 06, 2006

The perfect Ryan Adams album of 2005

Stylus Magazine has taken it upon themselves to create a great Ryan Adams from all the 55 tracks released in 2005. Their list culminates in the inclusion of 12 quality tracks, losing all the filler, along the all-too-familiar theme of unrequited love. Stylus would include:

01. A Kiss Before I Go (Jacksonville City Nights, track 1)

02. Sweet Illusions (Cold Roses disc one, track 2)

03. Let It Ride (Cold Roses disc two, track 2)

04. Words (Elizabethtown iTunes Music Store exlcusive, track 1)

05. Night Birds (29, track 3)

06. Hard Way To Fall (Jacksonville City Nights, track 3)

07. When Will You Come Back Home (Cold Roses disc one, track 4)

08. My Heart Is Broken (Jacksonville City Nights, track 10)

09. The Hardest Part (Jacksonville City Lights, track 5)

10. Dance All Night (Cold Roses disc two, track 6)

11. Mangolia Mountain (Cold Roses disc one, track 1)

12. The End (Jacksonville City Nights, track 2)

I agree on the most part with their list. I would include Meadowlake Street (Cold Roses disc one track 3), Strawberry Wine (29, track 2), remove My Heart is Broken and get rid of Nightbirds..

Check out the Stylus article here .

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