Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Primer on DVD

Yesterday Primer was released on Region 2 DVD. Dave has promised to buy it as a belated birthday present and I eagerly await its arrival. Primer was the best film I saw last year, and since the moment the lights in the theatre came on, I've wanted to see it again.

By their nature, films about time travel are difficult to follow. Causality, paradoxes and multiple timelines do not lend themselves to 'no brainer' plots. What starts out as an innocent bit of playing the stock market turns into a matter of trust, betrayal and friendships.

So much goes on over the hour and a half that the breakneck pace is difficult to keep up with. After watching this in the cinema, we discussed it into the wee small hours. I look forward to doing so again, perhaps with a bit more insight this time.

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paul said...

have you reviewed primer, or are you strictly 'about the music'?