Friday, October 02, 2009

Well it's finally finished - down to the top 20 records of the decade.

And what made number 1?

Kid A?!!!!

You've got to be kidding me.

Yes it's a pioneering break through record. Yes it has influenced probably all the music that came after it, but Radiohead were already experiemental musicians pushing boundaries. OK Computer is probably one of the finest records of our time and that came before Kid A.

Kid A was a challenge. It threw down the gauntlet for even those who that that "Fitter Happier" was the catchiest thing on Ok Computer. It was a mainstream record that challenged mainstream listeners. It had rock - "Optimistic"; it had plenty of wierd - "Treefingers"; and it showed a rock band dabbling in beats and dance music - "Idioteque".

Ok, perhaps it is a great important record. But the best of the decade? Not convinced.

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