Monday, June 22, 2009

Tintin's rocket?

I can't wait to go and see U2 in August. They kick of their 360 tour soon in Barcelona.

Every U2 tour brings a wonderful set, from Zoo TV to the heart in the All That You Can't Leave Behind Tour. I thought the Atom Bomb set was so-so, but the guys are really pushing the boat out on this one.

Everyone who sees it says that it looks like something different,” said Willie Williams, who has worked with U2 since 1982 and co-designed the set with the architect Mark Fisher, a veteran of Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones tours. “Tintin’s rocket. The War of the Worlds. Cactus. Octopus. Claw. Whenever it started to look like something, Mark and I would push it in another direction. But it does look as though it has escaped from a giant space aquarium.”

Read the whole interview in the New York Times.

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