Friday, June 05, 2009

MTV's '$5 Cover'

MTV has a new musical drama about the Memphis music scene. The show follows a bunch of up and coming musicians (ranging from pop to southern rock to urban artists) playing themselves as they fight for love, inspiration and money to pay the rent. The series explores the modern-day incarnation of the city's historic music scene through the lens of Memphis-based filmmaker Craig Brewer, acclaimed director of "Hustle & Flow." Fans will have full access to all the music and artists they discover through "$5 Cover" with the release of the series' soundtrack, available exclusively in digital formats, on Tuesday, April 28.

The "$5 Cover" soundtrack features a number of unreleased tracks from the artists. Of particular interest to ATM readers may be Amy Lavere (a female pop/folk artist) and Lucero (southern/indie rock),. You can check out the "$5 Cover" soundtrack here:

Watch Amy LaVere "Killing Him":

WATCH Lucero "San Francisco"

$5 Cover Teaser:

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