Monday, November 10, 2008

Cardinology reviews

Well Rolling Stone loves it, so does BBC 6 Music, but Pitchfork hates it, giving Cardinology a score of 4.7/10.

I have to disagree with the BBC 6 Music review though. Chiefly because the reviewer sites that he cannot tell whether it is a solo or a Cardinals record. Probably because Easy Tiger was a Cardinals record but that label wouldn't allow Ryan to put the Cardinals name on it. Cardinology is, as the name would suggest, definately a band record. There are big electric guitars, even some solos, lots of harmonies from the band and feels quite different to his solo work (granted Easy Tiger had a lot more solo songs on it than Cardinology).

I'm going to post my review tonight, but my one sentance synopsis is, first half great, second half not so great.

Born Into A Light

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