Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sufjan Reviews the new Cryptacize record

Now that Apple have made their announcement about the iPhone 3G, the next thing I'm eagerly anticipating is a new Sufjan Stevens record.

He hasn't done anything in ages, at least not in terms of releasing records, so it's intruiging to see him pop up with a record review for a label mate - Cryptacize and their debut disc Dig That Treasure.

Read his review here

He takes a moment to be self-effacing saying that "Their new record “Dig That Treasure” offends many of my own musical impulses, the over-achieving bigger-is-better-shock-and-awe approach."

Sufjan says that the record contains "songs [that] are not trifles, but rather cryptic haiku poems that expand toward a vast cosmic significance."

MP3: Cryptacize: No Coins [from the Dig That Treasure LP]

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