Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Album review - Anais Mitchell - Hymns for the Exiled

(Righteous Babe)
2 June 2008

Anais found inspiration for her brand of singer-songwriter folk/americana growing up on a sheep farm in Vemont. She recently won the prestigious New Folk Award and this album is influenced by her travels to the Middle East and beyond. The lyrics frequently reference the war and her dislike for Washington politics like "I could tell stories like the government tells lies". Musically it is only guitar and voice.f It is sparse but her child-like, yet accomplished voice holds it's own. The songs can get repetitive as there is little change in rhythm or melody but these quiet, ambitious songs are worth a listen.

Rating: 7/10
For fans of: Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris,
Download: Cosmic American, 1984

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paul said...

i hung out with this girl one night in oxford. how'd you come across her? is she famous now? cool.