Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Last night, after beating a bare-foot Nick at squash, brother David came around and Nick cooked us a fantastic prawn and spinach spaghetti. After such culinary delights we settled down with a bottle of Reisling to introduce Nick to the joy of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

My good friend Paul got me hooked on this show chronicling the private, often banal world of a (relatively) public man, Larry David the wealthy writer of Seinfeld. The series blurs the lines between reality and fiction, as David (playing himself) and a cast of real and fictional characters are followed around Los Angeles by a ubiquitous camera.

To keep the narrative fresh and spontaneous, Curb Your Enthusiasm is shot without a script; the cast is given scene outlines and often improvise lines as they go. It's made on a shoestring budget but the plots are superb. If you haven't seen it before, do yourself a favour. You'll laugh harder than you knew possible.


larry david said...

in fact, contrary to popular belief - and indeed your own - "curb"'s script is very detailed.

Jeff Green said...

I was not aware of that larry, how did you come across this insider info?