Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vaux - 'Don't Wait' single review

The screaming emo boys from Denver are riding a bit of publicity at the moment with the launch of Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice and are wasting no time in releasing their next single 'Don't Wait'.

This is typical single fodder. It opens with a quiet, building verse, dominant drums and light guitar with lead singer Smith’s spitfire vocal delivery. The verse gradually builds up into something anthemic, akin to Snow Patrol and all the other bands playing that game at the moment. They're a bit grittier than their UK counterparts, it's hard to imagine Chris Martin screaming his lungs out like Vaux. Other similarities can be drawn with the UK emo crowd of Hundred Reasons and Hell is For Heroes. Don't Wait is a good song, but a little forgettable and doesn't have the hook or sing-a-long nature of the rollicking 'Are You With Me'. Still it emphasises a well produced band full of determination and big nasty guitars. There's always room for more rock.

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VAUX - "DON'T WAIT" (audio)

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