Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stolen Tranmission records

Like I said, I arrived home yesterday from my holiday. It was a pleasant surprise to find a package awaiting me with a couple of CDs from a brand new indie label called Stolen Transmission.

According to the label, set up by a couple of big (as in influential, not in body mass) A&R guys from Island records (and of course, they signed U2): "Stolen Transmission is a trendsetting new record label and on line community built for a new generation of music thirsty kids. Combining the back-end resources of a "major label" and the DIY ethics and ambition of and indie label, Stolen Transmission offers its bands and fans the best of both worlds. Out aim is to not only discover, develop and showcase the most promising artists in the country but to also build a truly supportive, creative and (most importantly) fun community around this label and our bands."

So, the bands are called Bright Light Fever and The Oohlas (their website is much better)... both sweet rock bands. Bright Light Fever is a bit more dirty, emo rock, while The Oohlas have a female vocalist and at times sound a bit like Brendan Benson. You can check them out for yourself with these (legal) MP3s


Oohlas - "Small Parts"

"Best Stop Pop" CD is due out on September 26th

Bright Light Fever - "Broken Hands"
"The Evening Owl" coming out at the tail end of 2006

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