Monday, August 14, 2006

Aberdeen City

My brother went to university in Aberdeen. Being in Scotland it's not often referred to as Aberdeen City. I never went to visit him there. It's very far North, not easily accessible, and very cold. It has a port, the source of much of its income. The port contains the freezing atlantic ocean. This is the title of the new album by USA boys calling themselves Aberdeen City.

I've been listening to the album now for a while and it's really growing on me. It was originally released in the fall of last year through independent label Dovecote Records and immediately garnered local and national attention, including the ears of Grammy Award-winning Producer of the Year Steve Lillywhite. This quickly led to a new distribution deal with the album being reissued through Dovecote/RED INK. I'm going to write a bit of a review soon, but in the meantime, to whet your apetite, try the tracks below.

Download the single "God is Going to Get Sick of Me"

Aberdeen City - Video - "God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me"

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David Williamson said...

Aberdeen can be very cold, but it is contains one of the most unspoilt and beautiful university towns in the world within its limits. The high latitude means it never gets fully dark in summer, and the sky instead becomes a panorama revealing multiple spectrums of light.

Scotland's treasures are its universities which were powerhouses of the Enlightenment and are still today the preeminent homes of theology in the English-speaking world.

Yes, the Cinque Terre. We were there and the sea crackled if you swam underwater. Cardiff is thundering and the sky is just grey.

"Classical music masks the ringing in my ears."