Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Vaux: Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice

I got a CD through the door yesterday from a band called Vaux. This Denver, Colorado five piece grew up in metalcore but have since mellowed a bit to emo; or perhaps that should be screamo. Anyway, I noticed that it was produced by Garrett “Jacknife” Lee (U2, Snow Patrol) in the same manor where The Smiths and Radiohead laid down classic tracks. If good omens make good records then "Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice" should be a cracker.

I wasn't really expecting much when I popped the CD in the player, but I have to say I'm rather excited. I got to track 3 and had to press the back button to listen to the first songs again. I'll write more when I've had a good listen, but the wall of noise created by the three guitarists and complicated song structures reminds me of the excitement I felt listening to The Smashing Pumpkins for the first time.

check out some audio if you're interested:

Vaux - "Are You With Me"
Real Media

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