Thursday, July 20, 2006

Simpsons quotes for everyday use

The Onion A.V. has a great feature on Simpsons quotes for every day uses. For example:

Quote: "To start, press any key. Where's the ANY key?"

Episode: "King-Size Homer" (11/5/95)

Context: After gaining weight to get on financial disability, Homer finally achieves his dream of working at home, but he's immediately stymied by a computer prompt.

Real-life uses: Whenever you're betrayed by technology, especially over something so simple that even a 4-year-old child could figure it out. This could lead right into another classic quote, courtesy of Groucho Marx in Duck Soup: "Run out and find me a 4-year-old child. I can't make head or tail of it."


Quote: "Then get me his non-union, Mexican equivalent!"

Episode: "A Star Is Burns" (3/5/95)

Context: When Steven Spielberg isn't available to direct the self-aggrandizing opus "A Burns For All Seasons," Mr. Burns demands the next best thing. Enter Steven Spielbergo.

Real-life uses: Any time you have to settle for second best. For example, virtually everyone turned down the male lead in Basic Instinct 2. Thus David Morrissey becomes Michael Douglas' non-union, Mexican equivalent.

Check out the article here.

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