Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Newsflash: New Bonnie Prince Billy album


- releases new album -
The Letting Go
out 18 September 2006 on Domino

album preceded by barns new single
Cursed Sleep (out 24 July)

There are guitars, and strings. Amid the swell of sound and anticipation, there is a voice singing along, playing a part. More swells. Then the Bonnie 'Prince¹ intones:
When the numbers / Get too high
Of the dead / flying through the sky
Oh I / Don¹t know why / Love comes to me

So begins The Letting Go. And so we realize how much we¹ve missed Bonny since the last time, whenever it was. It¹s always a fine moment to hear from him again.

The Letting Go is an overwhelming undertaking. As mentioned, there are strings-lovely charts that do so much more than just trace chord changes up and down the neck. Arrangements by Ryder McNair and Nico Muhly are threaded throughout the record, augmenting a simple quintet of players to provide a sixth sense. The deceptive nature of his band is on display from the top. 'Filthy' Jim White is known far and wide for his resource behind the drum kit and he proves it song after song, with sensitivity that provokes dynamic variety from skins, an acoustic depth to the room. Paul Oldham¹s bass is a feeling accompaniment to Bonny's guitar, played with brotherly clairvoyance and constancy. Young Emmett Kelly¹s clean electric guitar lines roam within the web and suddenly shine, are blues and folk and r'n'b in shifting turn, guilelessly tactic and soulfully expressive. And up front with Bonny is the bewitching Dawn McCarthy of Faun Fables. Her vocal flights on those records can hardly prepare one for the intimacy and empathy of her harmonies and other voices on The Letting Go.

After all this, a set of songs that are lovely and take their turn as favourite; every day, another one.

Love comes to she and he that wait. And while they wait, let them know about

The Letting Go.


Anonymous said...

I think he can also be found on the new album "Amalgamated Sons of Rest" on Galaxia records. Might be worth a gander.

arron said...

That last message was from me btw.

Manjo said...

what does he just play or sing on it? have you got it?

arron said...

I don't I'm afraid, and I know very little about it. I have managed to find this description though:

"Modern troubadours Will Oldham (Palace, Bonnie Prince Billy), Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co), and Alasdair Roberts (Appendix Out) teamed up at Rove studios to collaborate on six spare ballads (two sung by each) that evoke British Isles and Saharan sweeps. No overblown orchestration or production pyrotechnics: acoustic (with some electric & drums) and performance based recordings of this intense and wonderfully ephemeral partnership's sublime, pitiless musical poetry."

Enough to tickle anyone's fancy.