Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My favourite sweater

You have to respect a man who can do a world tour in the same jumper. You have to respect him even more if he is the President elect of Bolivia.

Last week the President caused a stir as he forgot to pack his suit for his diplomatic global jaunt, favouring his comfy, striped sweater and open neck shirt instead.

Here he is, the leader more casual than Dave Cameron.

And again

And again, this time in Spain

In China,

South Africa

And at last, a wardrobe change for Cuba.

What a guy!

1 comment:

David Williamson said...

John Prescott is missing a trick by not wearing a sweater.

Is the IQ test Heather took available online? I'd like to be a visionary philosopher, too. But I have a hunch I'd come out as tree-phobic carpenter...