Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another interesting read

Like buses, two interesting articles arrive in one day? This one was actually written a while ago but still deserves a read. It challenges the conventional European and Western norm that as society progresses we'll realise that we're too clever and rich to believe in God. The mindset that thinks if only those chaps in the middle east had a bit more money they'd worship the stock market instead of a fundamentalist ideology.

The Atlantic Online has a very intersting article by David Brooks. He argues that the world isn't so secular as north america and western europe usually think.

Like a lot of people these days, I'm a recovering secularist. Until September 11 I accepted the notion that as the world becomes richer and better educated, it becomes less religious. Extrapolating from a tiny and unrepresentative sample of humanity (in Western Europe and parts of North America), this theory holds that as history moves forward, science displaces dogma and reason replaces unthinking obedience. A region that has not yet had a reformation and an enlightenment, such as the Arab world, sooner or later will.

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