Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I and Love and You makes #9 in Time Magazine's best albums of 2009

Coming in at #9, just behind Grizzly bear in Time Magazine's best albums of 2009 list is the Avett Brothers.

It's a big shout out for their first major label record. Here's what they say.

The Avett Brothers (Scott and Seth, plus bassist Bob Crawford and cellist Joe Kwon) specialize in epic sincerity played on acoustic instruments — which means that their major-label debut could have gone spectacularly wrong. Instead, almost everything went right, starting with producer Rick Rubin's decision to grant these 10-year coffeehouse and club veterans some of his bearded wisdom. Rubin stripped the band of its fetish for musical digression and focused almost exclusively on melody. As a result, the Avetts' abundant emotionalism — they're tortured about being in love, or not being in love, on nearly every song — is scaled down to something far more intimate. On the title track and the mid-tempo ballad "Laundry Room," it's like having a good friend with a honeyed voice whispering in your ear.

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