Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Atheism - intellectual dead end?

With their "intoxicating simplicity" and "display of egotism and arrogance" are new athiests at risk of winning the battle and losing the war? The Guardian thinks so as Madeleine Bunting writes at the start of Holy Week that in the UK, the debate on religion has become a foghorn of the sound of New Athiests and lack of any true discussion or meaningful debate.
She writes
"This is Holy Week. It started yesterday with Palm Sunday and continues through Holy Thursday, Good Friday and culminates this Sunday with Easter Day. One can no longer assume most people will be aware of this, let alone the events these days mark; in a recent UK poll, only 22% could identify what Easter was celebrating. What other system of belief has collapsed at such spectacular speed as British Christianity? One can only presume that the New Atheists are organising a fabulous party to celebrate. Richard Dawkins could stump up for the crates of champagne out of his sumptuous royalties from The God Delusion."

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