Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static review

(Brushfire Records)

Jack Johnson as many critics as he does fans, and they make a fair point. His music is accessible, uninventive and bland. But his fans will tell you he has a great voice (can’t quarrel with that), writes effortless feel-good tunes with pop perfect chord changes.

Sleep Through The Static will do nothing to alter that debate. If you like him, you’ll love this. If not, then leave it alone. Recorded with 100% solar energy, Johnson seems to have trapped some of the sunbeams in his songs. The single, “If I Had Eyes” is catchy and fun, “What You Thought You Need” has a wonderful riff and drums and if “Hope” doesn’t make you move a bit, your heart is made of stone. Some of the songs do sound a bit samey, but it’s a very enjoyable listening experience, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

For fans of: Ben Harper, John Mayer,
Download: If I Had Eyes, Hope, Enemy
Rating: 8/10

Watch the video for IF I HAD EYES HERE

Jack Johnson - Angel

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