Monday, October 01, 2007

CD Review - Patrick Watson - Close To Paradise



Now this really stands out from the pile of new releases. Since “The Arcade Fire” Canadian artists have had exposure like nothing before. Montreal has produced another talent in Patrick Watson and his four piece band. This is not a tried and tested formula rehashed, this is new and exciting. Patrick combines experimental noise/post rock, cabaret guitar/piano pop, electronic beeps and loops, walls of noise and Beatles-esque melodies. Can that work? Just about.

The album opener (and title track) glides in with “Closer to Paradise” a hazy, dreamy song introducing Watson’s Devendra Banhart like voice. Then on “Giver” he produces Jeff Buckley style vocal acrobatics. The album has a dark fog hanging over it, but at times like “Man Under The Sea” it lifts shifts to reveal the perfect pop chords. To appreciate Close To Paradise give it repeated listens; you’ll find something new each time. There’s a bit of a fuss growing around Patrick Watson and I think he deserves it.

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