Tuesday, April 17, 2007

U2 3D

This is what IMAX was made for. The biggest band in the world on the biggest screens in the world, in 3D. U2 say
"The feature length film, shot during U2’s visit to South America on the Vertigo Tour, is directed by Catherine Owens, with additional direction from Mark Pellington. The movie will arrive in specialist 3D cinemas in the autumn and a trailer has just begun airing alongside the only other 3D film to come out this year, Disney’s ‘Meet The Robinsons’.

Owens, longtime collaborator with U2 on live-show visuals, says 'this was the ultimate challenge in presenting U2’. But the results, she predicts, will startle audiences.

'There is no comparison with a traditional concert film seen in 2D... One minute you are on stage with the band and the next you are at the back of the stadium.' 'The best way I can describe it for the viewer,' she adds, 'Is that it's like being on the wings of a bird flying around the concert stadium - it's really something else.'"

Judging from the trailer it will be an experience. One I can't wait for.

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