Friday, April 20, 2007

CD review: Jana Hunter - There's No Home

I remember persuading my friend Arron to buy "Oh Me Oh My... the Way the Day Goes By the Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs of the Christmas Spirit" by Devendra Banhart. As he sat in his room listening to the singer whoop and screech and then repeat in his psychotic mumble,

"Yeah you certainly are nice people, nice people
Certainly are nice people

In your white ass suit and lion tattoos
In your white ass suit and lion tattoos"

our friend Rob walked in. Concerned that Arron might be embarking down a road with no return, he asked
'What on earth is this?'
"Oh," replied Arron "it's something Andy recommend to me".
The two exchanged knowing glances about the nonsense I listen to. I was reminded of that moment when I put this record in the CD player.


RELEASE: 28 MAY 2007

The second full-length from Jana Hunter is basically Devendra Banhart with a higher voice. In fact the weird-folkster releases this record on his own label and his influence is everywhere. Guitars gently strum, melodies take unexpected turns and there is a lot of unsettling backing vocals. If freeform song structure and freak-folk is your thing, then Christmas has come early. As extrovert as her previous release was introvert, 'There's No Hope' verges on sing-along choruses drums and the odd electric guitar. She shouldn't be written off as a mere Banhart disciple as her quietly radiant voice with its own strange, feverish luster is seductive and addictive after a few listens.

Download: Exact To Me, Lightning
For fans of: CocoRosie, Devandra Banhart, Metallic Falcons
Rating: 3/5

Stream: Jana Hunter: Various Tracks

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