Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Shins interview

I was at a Ryan Adams gig a few years ago I was standing waiting for the show to begin and got chatting to a Berkely student beside me. He was really into the same music and I asked him what he was getting into lately. "The Shins" he replied, "you just have to get your hands on Oh Inverted Road". I wrote it down in my notebook and duly purchased it. I've been hooked to the band since.

Ahead of the release of their (very good) new album, Wincing the Night Away Pitchfork have bagged an interview with the wonderful Albuquerque, New Mexico indie boys.

There's very little one can say about the Shins that hasn't already been said, and even less that warrants being said at all. Peel back the layers of hyperbole, hype, and backlash, and the Shins are simply an unassuming and excellent formalist indie pop band. In anticipation of its third Sub Pop full-length, Wincing the Night Away, we spoke with frontman James Mercer about the band's new album and their growing popularity.


DOWNLOAD: Phantom Limb MP3

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