Tuesday, January 09, 2007



Reviewer: Andrew Williamson

Ten years ago this month Crowded House played one last gig before they bid farewell to the world outside Sydney Opera House. Since then Tim Finn has gone solo and last year, Paul Hester the drummer and heart of the band hanged himself in a Melbourne park. But for one night, the band gave the world a final glimpse of everything great about the band.

Charged with the emotional intensity of a long goodbye between the band and 120,000 fans from all over the world packed into the stadium, the album opens, like every live album should with a huge swell of crowd noise. It then launches into a 24 song set featuring all of their hits including 'Weather With You', the breakthrough 1987 smash, 'Don't Dream It's Over' and 'Fall At Your Feet'.

Given their live reputation it is surprising that this is the band's first live CD. It is a great reproduction of a band going out with a bang. There's probably little to make new converts, but for the faithful it's an essential purchase.

For fans of: The Byrds, Tim Finn, Split Enz

Download: 'Weather With You','Distant Sun'

Rating: 3/5

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